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One Hour Translation


Human translation

Use Case

No customer complaints about file uploads after integrating Filepicker

Why Filepicker

Allows for file uploads above 30 megabytes, one-stop upload shop


  • Filepicker is the most documented upload service out there
  • Sophisticated uploads to S3 buckets requires a real upload business
  • Eliminates support calls, developer time on uploads

About One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation provides high-quality professional human translation in over 75 languages. Not only is One Hour Translation the world’s largest online translation company, but they’re also the fastest professional translation service in the world.

Once a translator starts working on a translation, a countdown timer shows when the translation is going to be ready. They provide translation to thousands of customers from SMBs to enterprise and Fortune 500 companies. One Hour Translation has 15,000 translators from over 100 countries that provide translation around the clock.

Everything is done online. The service specializes in all levels of business, such as marketing, legal, technical, websites, applications, and software—basically every translation that a business needs. In addition, they also have some technologies like a website localization solution (WeST) and a localization solution for mobile applications (Lingui).



Filepicker Fits One Hour Translation Like A Glove And Hand

One Hour Translation had been doing file uploads ever since the company was established. They had issues with file load consistency and speed for users uploading large files over 30, 40 or 50 megabytes, and they wanted to solve that.

“Basically, I started looking for an upload solution like Filepicker,” explains Oren Yagev, CTO and Co-Founder of One Hour Translation. “I searched Google at the beginning like everybody else, and gave the results to my team to research.”

One Hour Translation was looking at Filepicker and one other company. Filepicker came out on top, because it’s the most documented.

“Filepicker just worked. It suits us perfectly. On the JavaScript side, Filepicker fits our application. The fact that you deliver the file instantly to our S3 bucket was also something that we really needed. That was like a glove and hand.”

A One-Stop-Shop For All File Upload Needs

One Hour Translation had a lot of customers asking for reliable local file uploads. Some customers had large files they needed to upload, which was a problem for the company.

“We had a limit of 30 megabytes and had issues because of that,” explains Oren Yagev. “Now with Filepicker, we don’t have this limit and customers can upload larger files. Simple as that.”

With larger uploads came the ability to upload files from a number of different sources. According to Oren Yagev, “Another issue we had is uploads from customers who had files in FTP servers, Dropbox, and other services that they wanted to upload but couldn’t. We found this element of Filepicker to be a very nice addition to file uploads from what we had before. For us, Filepicker is a one-stop-shop for all our upload needs.”


From Constant Customer Complaints To No Customer Complaints

On a weekly basis, One Hour Translation had either customers complaining of problems with uploads, or seeking support for making uploads. The company was always working on issues with it.

“It was because we didn’t really want to deal with uploads,” says Oren Yagev. “File uploads seem easy, but it’s not. We didn’t want to be an upload company. We wanted to be a translation company. So, we had issues with uploads. We knew that someday, we’d have to shift to a more professional service.”

Filepicker saves One Hour Translation a lot of time for developers fixing issues, a lot of money spent on developers. Before the integration, they had many ongoing issues with file uploads and now they have none. With Filepicker, they’re now also able to offer their customers sophisticated uploads for bigger files and adjuncts, as well as an interactive UI.

OHT  100474“There’s no such thing as a simple upload. Uploading is a real business,” explains Oren Yagev. “It’s a real burden, and it was a burden on us. The biggest benefit for us was offloading the problem to Filepicker. Since we integrated with Filepicker, we don’t hear anything from our customers about uploads. Once I stopped hearing about upload issues, my life became easier. Uploading files is a big issue, and I’m happy to pay for it. Filepicker is awesome.”


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Company: OpenWater
Industry: Awards, competitions, recognition programs
Use Case: From 7% of customers having upload problems to virtually none.
Why Filepicker: Filepicker saved OpenWater’s business


  • Early adopter of Filepicker
  • Option to upgrade and downgrade with seasonal usage
  • Filepicker handles hundreds of thousands of video uploads for OpenWater during peak awards season

About OpenWater

Based in Washington, DC, OpenWater was founded by Kunal Johar and Timothy Spell. OpenWater is a cloud-based platform that automates and helps to grow awards, competitions and recognition programs, like Person of the Year awards, and Restaurant of the Year awards. The online awards submission software allows users to create an awards website, promote entrants and winners, and have complete oversight and control of the process all in one system.

OpenWater achieved record growth in 2014, tripling their client base with organizations like Ogilvy & Mather, The American Medical Association, and the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington. They also doubled their workforce in 2014 across all departments.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 3.02.14 PM

Filepicker Streamlines The Application Process For OpenWater’s Online Awards Submission Software

OpenWater wanted to build a comprehensive submission tool with all parts of the submission process in one streamlined location. The goal was to take hassle out of the application process and give both award admins and entrants an experience that wouldn’t give them a headache. But at first, the result was a headache—for OpenWater.

Media uploads were their priority. Along with other kinds of files, they needed to allow users to be able to upload videos instead of people sending in DVD submissions. When it came time to judge, view or stream them, they then needed admins to be able to access that content from within the same system.

“We tried rolling our own upload solution,” explains Kunal Johar, Co-Founder of OpenWater. “We used a similar service provider. That sucked. Then we started using Filepicker. We’re an early adopter.”

Upgraded And Downgraded As Needed, Filepicker Feeds OpenWater’s State-of-the-Art Gallery

OpenWater’s awards management system lets users automatically create galleries of entries and winning submissions with the help of Filepicker. Filepicker streamlines the process, so there’s no need for users to find a developer or manually upload the entries to their competition websites. OpenWater simply displays and promotes entrants in a custom gallery powered by Filepicker. This includes everything from images to videos, and text documents to PDFs—really anything that users want to upload to be judged.

Kunal-johar“We have many Filepicker success stories,” says Kunal Johar. “Peak usage for OpenWater awards and competitions is almost exclusively in January. Our business continues to grow and mature during those times, and our Filepicker usage continues to get higher and higher. In January, everyone’s uploading videos and it’s just a tremendous amount of heavy, heavy volume.”

Last year, Filepicker handled 100,000 referrals just from one client alone.

Filepicker Eliminates OpenWater’s Customer Upload Issues

OpenWater provides end-to-end awards support. This involves running and administering their customer’s entire awards program, and providing them with ongoing progress reports. OpenWater embraces a philosophy of transparency with their customers. They even report on problems that people have submitting an award entry.

“We actually show our customers their stats on file uploads. Before we used Filepicker, 7% of our customers had issues with file uploads. Now, 0.1% have issues. That’s nothing,” explains Kunal Johar. “I honestly don’t know where we’d be without Filepicker. We’re very appreciative. We’ve grown and Filepicker has helped us grow a lot. The product’s incredible, frankly. It saved our business.”


Image 2015-04-08 at 8.32.44 AM

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Quandidate, an online recruitment software, was looking for file uploads from multiple cloud drive sources. But they were also looking for a file processing tool, like one that would crop an image for an avatar, or profile photo – while keeping the face in the centre of the image. They wrote a great piece on how that was accomplished over on their blog, go have a read!

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 9.53.04 AM

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The online video space just got a whole lot more interesting thanks to the recent battle between Meerkat and Periscope. While the focus may be on the flaws and pros of each service, there is one glaring factor that operators should be taking note of – the almost instant acceptance and use of both apps.

Video consumption and distribution is at an all-time high. Over six billion hours of video are viewed every month on YouTube, while Facebook claims that more than one billion videos are viewed each day on its platform.

Reflecting this video trend, Filepicker has added video transcoding as their latest file conversion solution. As with its image file process, Filepicker takes pride in helping our customers simplify complex workflows with this new service allowing users to easily get video files encoded and so facilitating greater end-user access and distribution.

Benefits of having videos transcoded:

  1. Simplifies workflow
  2. Reduces transfer costs
  3. Fast and reliable
  4. Video outputs are compatible with multiple devices
  5. Provides end users with high quality video which enhances customer experience

Compatibility is the biggest issue for developers. End users have their files spread across a number of devices and consume videos across a number of distribution channels.

All major video standards, such as H.265 for UltraHD/4K, have to be supported but integrating such solutions can be a tedious, time-consuming and costly. And this is why Filepicker launched this new API to offer a simple and flexible solution to operators.

How it works:

Once a video is uploaded to Filepicker, users can transcode it by calling (it) video_convert. As well as ‘regular’ videos, the tool can capture live webcam recordings and ingest source files – all of which can be transcoded in the one place.

The Filepicker video transcoding api supports converting from and to any of the following formats (presets):

  • h264
  • h264.hi
  • h265
  • webm
  • webm.hi
  • ogg
  • ogg.hi
  • hss

So, what features should you look for when choosing video transcoding offerings?

  1. Full support for Apple iOS HLS, Microsoft HSS and MPEG Dash
  2. Secure streaming with AES-128 encryption
  3. Adaptive bitrate encoding for optimum customer experience

It should also be optimized for high volume transcoding and have more CPUs to match workflows. Pricing for such features can vary with Filepicker offering to lock in prices for the first six months of service provision.

Go check out the documentation, and for a demonstration, contact us!


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filepicker-boxWe are proud to announce that we are sponsoring Box Dev 2015 in San Francisco April 22nd!

This year is looking exceptionally good, with Eric Schmidt, Marc Benioff and our very own Jason Toy as 3 of their 20 speakers. Come join us and over 1,500 developers for the second Box developer conference.

We have 10 discount codes to save you $150 off the admission price, which includes an awesome afterparty! (yeah we’ll be there, why do you think it will be awesome?)

Click here to claim your discount code

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Triptography is an app created for the 24-hour Photo Hack Day NYC.

Team member and full-stack developer, Jacqueline Williams, had the idea of building an app for travel. The rest of the team, which includes full-stack developers Eric Kramer and Maria Schettino, thought that it was a great idea to build an app that allows users to plan their day in a new place using locally-sourced photos.

“When I’m traveling, I’m always trying to find things to do,” explains Eric Kramer. “Our target user is someone who likes to travel and doesn’t like using guidebooks or reading extensively about a place. I felt that the quick image-based response was such a good idea.”

The Triptography team really likes working with APIs, so they knew that methodology would be a big part of the app’s development at Photo Hack Day. They ended up using 14 different APIs from Ajax to PostgreSQL to Balsamiq to Google Maps. In only 24 hours, the Triptography team came up with a slick travel app where users can search for local suggestions for a city and get image-based results. Not only that, but they were also the winner of the Photo Organization Prize, Best Foursquare Hack, and Best Filepicker Hack.


How Filepicker Got Triptography Up To Speed

“We chose Filepicker, because its ability to import from a different social network sources is really cool,” says Eric Kramer. “One of the other sponsors of the event was Astra. We looked at it as well, but realized that we needed a file handler application, so Filepicker was a no-brainer. We added the widget at the hackathon, but also want to delve into its JavaScript and integrate it into iOS with the developer kit in the future.”

One reason that Filepicker was chosen by the Triptography team to integrate into their app is that they could customize the widget with dozens of sources. The Filepicker widget will allow users to have a record of their trip on the app by inputting photos from Facebook and Instagram. They’ll also be using it to take pictures and videos.

Filepicker Delivers The Unexpected

Future plans for Triptography include an image carousel like a randomized landing page, and creating a social network where you can share your trip with different activities in a photo album. For example, if you’re going to Paris, other Triptography users who are also going to Paris can check out your itinerary and add some of the things you’re doing to their own itinerary. As well, you’ll be able to choose other users’ previous activities and add them to a map plan for your own trip.

Eric Kramer“We all thought that Filepicker was a great addition to Triptography,” explains Eric Kramer. “We really like how our users can take a picture, then access their own camera through Filepicker. Filepicker allows Triptography users to take and upload photos, then use them to create a map of places they visited and enjoyed. I think it’s so cool and so easy to use. It adds another dimension to Triptography that was totally unexpected.”



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Company: ClassDojo
Industry: Education
Use Case: Thousands of image uploads
Why Filepicker? Saves on developer time and resources and enhances user experience

  • Quick and easy implementation of Filepicker tool and reduced developer time
  • Ease of uploading files encourages users to sign-up to service
  • Images are configured to ClassDojo’s guidelines while ensuring conformity across the platform


About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is one of the fastest-growing global education technology companies, with over 35 million teachers and students using its platform in more than 80 countries.

Liam and Sam ClassDojo

Liam and Sam from ClassDojo

Founded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don in 2011, ClassDojo is a behavioral feedback platform that allows teachers to use their smartphones and tablets to record and notify parents of a child’s in-class behavior and performance.

Teachers spend, on average, 50% of their time working on improving student behavior and this real-time feedback tool aims to solve this issue by opening and developing the lines of communication between parents and teachers, as well as being a positive and motivational tool for students.

For example, teachers can record incidence of good behavior, notify their parents and reward the students with ClassDojo points accordingly. Teachers, on average, award over 5 million points every school day to students.

According to ClassDojo, ione teacher in roughly one out of every two schools in the U.S. use their app.

The educational software market aimed at students – from pre-kindergarten to high school – is now estimated to be worth $7.9 billion. ClassDojo recently claimed the coveted Crunchies Award for the 2015 Education Startup.

Class Dojo in action

ClassDojo needed an easy uploading service to entice ‘non technical’ users

The profile image is the most important element for a teacher using ClassDojo. It has to be professional in every aspect, as it is one of the only ways parents can verify that they are communicating with the right teacher.

Unfortunately, as co-founder Liam Don explains, not all teachers are “super technically savvy” and so may be dissuaded from signing-up to the service if they feel out of their depth.

“They may not be necessarily that comfortable handling a photo file, or have a jpeg of themselves on their desktop.”

Teachers, added Don, needed an easy solution that they could readily understand and easily use. “They might want to take a photo with their webcam or import it from their Facebook account…those are the things they understand,” he says.

Students that use the service select Avatars and not images for their private profiles.


Filepicker solved an issue before it became one, says ClassDojo

To encourage new users to sign-up and actively use this platform, ClassDojo needed an offering that would eradicate this perceived big obstacle of uploading and scaling images.

The variety of different sources that users could grab their photos from was the deciding factor in choosing Filepicker, says Liam Don, as well as its quick and easy integration. “We were just able to drop in javascript and run it…it was super fast,” he says, adding they have been using Filepicker since 2013.

Don says the tool’s ability to resize the images to a consistent format and copy them into a S3 bucket, allowing ClassDojo to also have a hard copy, is also an important element for them.

Earlier this year, ClassDojo updated its mobile app to include messaging features, photo sharing and voice notes to improve communication channels between teachers and parents.



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Wishbone, A Client of Disrupto


Crowdsourcing, Education, Non-Profit

Use Case

Thousands of image uploads

Why Filepicker

Saves on hiring a developer, low monthly plans


  • Facial recognition API for centering and cropping images of faces
  • Significantly reduced development time
  • Delivers on Wishbone’s requirements for file uploads


About Wishbone

Wishbone is a non-profit fundraising platform that gives high school students the chance to pursue their passions by matching them with different scholarship opportunities. The crowd-sourcing tool sends low-income high school students from New York City, the Bay Area, and Los Angeles to summer programs. Students apply for one of the 550 high quality, accredited summer programs featured on based on their interests and location. Wishbone is supported by foundations, corporations, program providers, and individual donors through their website.


Wishbone Needed Thousands of Images For User Avatars

Mike Potter of Disrupto is the lead developer for their client, He’s been working on Wishbone’s crowdsourcing website for the past 2 years. The site required thousands of images, which could mean spending large amounts of time going through those images and aligning and resizing them properly.

The majority of images that Wishbone needed were avatars of users: students and teachers needed to upload their photos onto the platform. The teachers needed to be on Wishbone acting as advocates for the kids by helping them raise money, sharing links to the campaigns through their network, and trying to recruit donors.

“It’s a classic problem. Every project needs images—or, just about every project,” explains Mike Potter. “If you’re dealing with images, you don’t want to have to build your own backend. No one wants to build their own boilerplate code for images that every site has to have. I wanted to focus on what Wishbone needed to do, and outsource the stuff that’s boilerplate and common. That’s always a win.”

Filepicker’s Facial Recognition Feature

Mike Potter heard of Filepicker by word-of-mouth through one of his developer friends. He used Filepicker on other projects, so now it became his go-to utility for uploading, formatting, resizing and cropping images. Since Filepicker already built a back-end for image uploads, it was the obvious choice to use in different areas of the Wishbone site that required different sized avatars.

“When users upload photos, we have a custom uploader and we use the Filepicker API to manage that upload,” says Mike. “All the UI stuff is done through a custom control. Filepicker is nice, because I really don’t have to maintain my own infrastructure for resizing images. We do dynamic resizing through URL parameters. There’s a facial recognition feature in Filepicker where you can indicate what strategy you want to use to resize an image, and it will identify where the faces are and the image will try to center around that.”

Filepicker Saves Time And Resources So Wishbone’s Development Team Can Focus On Its Mandate: Crowdsourcing

mike-potter“There’s nothing Filepicker does that I couldn’t do myself, but the thing is, I don’t want to—I’d rather focus on other projects,” explains Mike. “The core value of Filepicker is that we don’t have to build our own image resizing architecture. That’s attractive no matter what the space is.”

In addition, when the Wishbone platform’s designer comes up with a new layout for a page, Jonathan doesn’t have to do any work in the Filepicker backend to accommodate it. He just puts in different numbers when he fetches the image.

“Wishbone is a non-profit, so any sort of help we can get is always a win for us,” Mike Potter adds. “It’s better to just pay Filepicker a little bit of money than to hire a developer to build our own image-hosting architecture. We’re facilitating scholarships for students, and using crowdsourcing to do that, so we’re busy developing that platform. Filepicker just works. It’s pretty handy.”


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McHacks is a hackathon in Montreal, QC, Canada at the William-Shatner building at McGill University’s downtown campus.

Everyone at the hackathon gets one month free of Filepicker! You should receive the promo code in your introductory package.

The team that has the best implementation of Filepicker will win one year free of the Grow plan, a $1,000+ value! Follow all the excitement at Challenge Post!

If you want Filepicker to sponsor your Hackathon, let us know –


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Filepicker is proud to announce a new partner integration – CloudApp!

Filepicker’s killer feature is enabling developers to allow file uploads from wherever users store their data. CloudApp is the definitive app for quickly and easily sharing files and screenshots. This makes the integration such a powerful one.

Now that CloudApp is a source, any user of CloudApp can easily connect their files from any site of app that integrates Filepicker.

If you have any suggestions for our next integration, please send them to

Also, be sure to go download the easiest way to share faster: CloudApp.