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Many of your user's files are scattered across multiple services like Facebook, Instagram and Dropbox.

Get rid of the friction

Uploading these files to your website can be difficult. Your users have to leave your site and individually download their files before they can pass them along to you. Doing so creates an unpleasant friction in what should be a simple experience.

Upload with ease

Rather than requiring your users to repeatedly work through this process, you'd like them to be able to upload files directly from the services they already use: photos from Facebook or Instagram, documents from Dropbox or Amazon's Cloud Drive.

Filepicker lets you do this.

Implement in seconds

In two lines of JavaScript, you can replace your traditional upload button with one that allows your users to select from their accounts on other services, pick which files they'd like to upload, and have those files sent directly to you. Your users will never have to download their files just to turn around and upload them to you, and they will never have to leave your site.

File Processing

With an easy to use API through javascript, REST, and our 8 client libraries, image processing is quick and simple.

Convert images with 14 different options including resize, crop, filters, and watermarks.


Choose to host your files with us, or take full control and store them in your own infrastructure.

We support Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, and Dropbox.

What our Clients are saying

"Filepicker just does what we need it to do. So many times what we’re looking for isn’t quite what exists. Since our market is a bit different, we’re often trying to put together solutions that our clients will like. This one just worked, and the integration of Filepicker with our tools was straightforward."
"Using Filepicker takes a shorter amount of time than normal for an MVP feature. It’s a complete feature set. We’re great fans of Filepicker."
"We use Filepicker pretty heavily at Brandfolder to integrate Dropbox and Google Drive. Filepicker is by far the fastest way to do that. Its ability to upload to our app, along with its built-in UI, are the biggest benefits to Brandfolder."

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