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Integrate Google Drive Dropbox Box Amazon Cloud Drive Google Photos Facebook Instagram Evernote Imgur GitHub into your app in minutes.

The #1 developer tool for uploading, processing, and viewing files.

files processed to date.

Over 50,000 companies trust us with their customers.

What can Filepicker do for you and your customers?

Easy, Powerful File Handling

Enable your users to upload or save to and from 20+ sources — including Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram, GitHub, and more.

Filepicker Works Anywhere

Make it easy for your users to upload from wherever they are. We have open source Android, and iOS libraries for simple and quick integration.

File Processing

Build powerful workflows to get the job done.

Image Manipulation

Document Conversions

Video Encoding

Present and Preview

View any type of file using the permalink in the Filepicker viewer.

// Include script
<script type="text/javascript"

// Use it!
<input type="filepicker"
name="myFileUploaderButton" />

Implement in Seconds

In just a few lines of JavaScript, you can replace your traditional browse button with Filepicker. Users can send you files from any cloud, without having to leave your site.

Why Filepicker?

We invented it - we're #1

The original: The pioneers of the complete file handling experience, with big plans to keep adding world class features.

Insanely simple

A smart investment: Dead simple and always up to date - focus on your app not storage APIs and conversion infrastructure.

Support and Documentation

Ship quicker: Excellent documentation and access to developer support within 15 minutes.

Since we integrated, our customers stopped having problems with file uploads, and my life became easier. Handling files is a big issue, and Filepicker is a one-stop-shop for all our needs. Filepicker is awesome.

Oren Yagev, Co-Founder of One Hour Translation
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